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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Thief in our Midst

Today our neighbor 2 houses east was robbed.

There's been a burglar about since the beginning of the month.  The neighbor that was hit today, and the neighbor between us, were scoped on the 5th of the month.  The perp knocked on Bobby's door for 20 min., including looking over his fence and in his windows.  His adult daughter was home sick and saw the guy and can I.D. him, but refused to answer the door.  The perp also looked over the fence of the folks between us.  He knocked on their door as well, but they were home (freak, random accidents left them carless; this perp targets the carless driveways).  When Alan answered the guy apologized for having the wrong house and left.

We as a neighborhood didn't know there was a problem until last week.  We have 3 kinds of cops on this street, withinn 6 houses of one another:   To our east is a BART cop, to the south a Suisun cop, two houses west is a Vacaville cop.  We're all Neighborhood Watch-trained as well.  This perp targets houses that have no corresponding vehicles.  I suspect he's cased the 'hood to know peoples' habits, otherwise, why would he come back to Bobby's house?  I also suspect he's stealing stuff he can fence.  Note to crook:  Bobby's guns are registered.  Try to pawn them, fool.  We homeowners can't wait to nail your scummy *ss.

We're all on high alert.  The first day this guy showed up was the day we left on our Epic Ride (report to follow).  He attempted a hit at Bobby's but his daughter was home.  He knocked on Alan's door; Alan answered and the guy apologized for having the wrong house. He skipped our house because we had a car in the driveway and a truck on the street.  Although the dogs and we were gone, he skipped us.  Stroke of luck.

This guy has robbed both sides of Brown's Valley and we're all alert, aware, and looking for his worthless  *ss.  Dude, we will find you and prosecute you and convict you.  You aren't that smart.

I'm as angry as I've ever been.  Last time I was this angry was when our underage daughter had taken with a young man of age; in the coolers of Sam's Club we let him know we'd prosecute him if he continued to carry on with her.  He broke up with her that day.  Mission accomplished.

Now to nail this fool...


  1. Hope He's caught, but just be careful...In all probability He may be armed. I hate scumbags like that.

  2. We saw a guy acting sort of as you've described in our neighborhood. Hope you get him.