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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Autumnal Equinox

I love summer and fall, and really hate seeing the daylight hours wane as the longer nights prevail.  Because I spend many July evening hours watching the Tour de France, I feel as though I lose out on summer rides. Really, I don't, but my feeling is valid, so I spend August and September playing pretend "catch up." Except for the week I lost because my beloved father in law died, I've managed over 100 mi. per week.

I'm not racing, so the only goal for which to train is the Foxy's Fall Century on Oct. 18th. That's my birthday ride, where I rid my age + a few extra miles.  We shave about 20 flat, boring miles off it, and it's great fun. We're doing it on the tandem this year -- our 2nd year to do so -- because I love being part of a team, and with Chris riding captain means we have a great ride. He's happy to ride with me and loves captaining the tandem. So this event resonates on several levels.

So summer is done, and I have regrets what long days I could have leveraged, but I believe everything  works out as it should. So bring on fall, and shorter days, and pleasepleaseplease rain, and  I'll soak it up as I do ever year.

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