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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Birthday Weekend

So the 21st is Chris's and Meave's birthdays.  She doesn't ride a bike so we rode without her. 

We started out in 40* and sunny weather.  Some wind came up, post-frontal, from the NW, and at times brisk.  The clouds blew through and when they blocked the sun I got chilled.

We rode to Davis and had brunch at the Delta of Venus.  When Meave lived in Davis we met her and her friends there, and enjoyed their cuisine frequently.  The Greek omelet has lost none of its pizazz.

We rode home through the orchards and mostly fallow fields, with more downwind than headwind, to arrive home after 57 and change miles.  Just right.  We cleaned up and went off to BevMo, where the wine steward has a vintage Tomassini frame he's trying to sell us.  We tasted 4 wines while waiting for him to return from lunch, and a worthwhile wait it was: He closed the tasting room and indulged us and 2 other couples in a fine Bordeaux flight.  We bought 4 bottles of 2 different types.  One we gave to Meave as her birthday gift.

Then we headed to Nugget to get the ingredients for dinner.  Lo and behold, Brian was having a rare Saturday tasting, featuring wines from their holiday guide.  Another flight of 7...we were enamored of a Spanish Garnacha and bought a couple bottles.

Nobody was hungry or interested in cooking.  No surprise there. 

Today we did as little as possible, by choice, and it was awesome to just rest, relax, and not be driven to perform. We ventured out to the mall to pick up my new glasses and that was it. Watched old movies (Good Fellas, Silence of the Lambs), a couple loads of laundry, made a pear/apple crisp for breakfast, and not much more. 

Then Chris got busy preparing dinner.  We started with an Anchor Steam Ale, Christmas '07. (pics aren't loading; sorry).   Then Chris made a deviled lobster dish with a side of spinach salad.  Holy cow!  I wouldn't have even thought to Google that, let alone followed through.  Amazing food!

I'm sure I packed on more calories than I burned.  Since it's the off-season, who cares?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Business As Usual

It's Wednesday and I haven't ridden my bike since Sunday.  That makes me sad, a little, because I had an opportunity this afternoon in 65* calm sunny weather, and I passed it up.

However, I made some phone calls and talked to people and got quite a few "chores" done on my list of work-related stuff to do.  Chris came home and we walked the dogs the usual 3-ish mile loop as the sun set.  Nice.  Not enough exercise but better than nothing.

Lisa and I took a new listing on Saturday; we spent Monday afternoon uploading the info and pictures into 2 MLS systems, and today got a call that it was being shown.  I'm happy about that; it's a really nice listing and we'd love to help these people move on with their lives by selling it.

My arms and chest hurt from yesterday's round of doing my age in push-ups.  Methinks I need to do this a couple times a week to keep the pain to a minimum.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Three rides, 131 miles, good times...thus is the off-season.  Every ride I did last week -- all 3 of them -- was enjoyable and immensely fun without pain and suffering.  Sunday I rode the tandem with Chris, Wed. I rode with Kameo (as a gov't. employee she had the day off; as a civilian I enjoyed the ride and went to work after), and Friday I rode a Gordon Valley Loop (45 mi.) with Kim.  Nothing enhances a beautiful ride like the right company.

Today we rode with a couple racers and non-racers.  It was 39* when we left at 7:45.  Very grateful for my alpaca-blend balaclava.  At Putah Creek and Old Winters roads we divided; Kameo stayed with us and we got in 50 miles in dead-calm and crystal-clear weather. We rode a long time with no conversation, yet we knew what to say when we did speak.  Another mark of a good friend: No mindless chatter needed.   No wonder I came home feeling like a million bucks.

After cleaning up and eating we bought groceries, walked the dogs 3-ish miles, then decided on this

I wasn't quite finished that cigar when my partner called and wanted help writing an offer for our 1st-time homebuyer clients.  This was offer #8 since Sept.  We hope it'll be accepted. Such a sweet couple; I really admire their patience and perseverance.

There's some drama with our daughter re her previous relationship, but nothing she can't handle.  If only she'd see it that way.

And that's the news for now.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Totally Delightful

Candy and Rick gave this to me today.  I was tew-tally dee-lighted by it.  In fact, my day, which was going really well, was made by this. I'm humbled by their thinking of me, and energized that they get me. 

Yay, my friends!  Candy & Rick rock!  Thank you so much!

The hard part is deciding what picture to put here.