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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bottomless Pit

This year I put my racing career on hold as my real estate business boomed. I'm still riding but not the same as the past 3 years. I miss it, but need to make a living.  And because I'm not expecting a lot from my rides, some of them have delivered hugely rewarding results.

I was nominated for the position of President-Elect of my local Association of Realtors (R). I'm in the 1st year of my 2nd 2-year term as a Director, so I have 16 months to serve before I go away. 

I wasn't going to run for President-Elect this year but accepted the nomination, worked a grass-roots campaign, and lost by a handful of votes.

I can accept losing at bicycle races, but this stung. I wasn't prepared to lose.

So now the next 3 years are WFO. I'm not committed to running next year. So now I wonder what's next?

I could put together a training program for next year's Nationals and hope to qualify for the '13 Senior Games.

Or I could ride more and rack up the smiles per mile.

Or I could find some other fat, juicy goal that entices me, and go for it.

For now I'm at loose ends. As a goal-oriented person this feels very odd, unsettling, uncomfortable.

I will definitely ride my bike, sell some houses, and see what happens. I hope to ride enough long miles that my mind becomes empty and new ideas pop in.  That's the benefit of endorphins and endurance rides.

Meanwhile, I think I'll try to get used to that bottomless pit that is "what's next?"