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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Race Report Update, and fun stuff

I sucked wind at the Esparto Time Trial. My position was poor, I didn't have an TT bike, and the wind was a bigger factor than last year. So I was 1:42 slower, placed 5th to last year's 4th, and have a new goal for next year.

Last weekend was the V.Sattui Harvest Ball, our 5th one. Deb flew into town (if it wasn't for her and Steve's memory we'd probably not go). That's our obligatory fountain shot. It was a fun time; the food was awesome and I Tweeted each course, with pictures that I have yet to download from my Blackberry to my hard drive. Oops. *red face*

This week I logged over 160 miles. Not training for racing anymore, but for our tandem ride from San Francisco to Santa Barbara. We'll average over 60 mi./day, along Hwy. 1 and the California coast. I'll have a full ride report after we get back. No room for a laptop, darn it.

Yesterday I rode with K & A on a Lake Loop, my first since New Year's day and my longest ride since our Slow Poke ride back in July. Again the stupid hot temperatures but we stopped frequently for food and water, and I finished feeling worked out but not beat up. K&A missed the downhill left turn off 121 onto Wooden Valley Rd. and added Mt. George to their bucket list. I laughed when I realized what they'd done.

After dinner tonight we drove over to Fenton's Creamery to cash in our free petite scoops coupons. Holy cow! Those were the biggest "petite" scoops I've ever seen! We wished we'd gotten one and shared it. No wonder America has an obesity problem. Petite has been supersized.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Hills Are Alive

...with the sound of cycling.

I had a nice, not challenging 35 mi. ride yesterday with rollers and flats, just to open up my legs. I made good time and felt good.

Today I slept in (oops), scarfed a quick breakfast and was on the road by 8:30. I rode over Cantelow and was surprised by how many other cyclists were on the road.

At the top I noticed 3 hot air balloons by the 505, well below my altitude. They were suspended like upside-down raindrops, just hanging in the air. They didn't show up in the picture I took. So I rode on.

About mile 19 I saw Kameo and Joann riding the opposite way. I turned around and retraced my route with them, minus Cantelow. I logged 35 miles to Kameo's house just .6 mph slower than yesterday. She drove me home, and my legs were grateful. In fact, for the next couple of hours I thought I may have overdone it, trying to keep up with them.

My goal tomorrow is to just better last year's time. Anything more than that is icing.

And I'm happy to report that it's still fun. Otherwise it wouldn't be done.