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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Business As Usual

It's Wednesday and I haven't ridden my bike since Sunday.  That makes me sad, a little, because I had an opportunity this afternoon in 65* calm sunny weather, and I passed it up.

However, I made some phone calls and talked to people and got quite a few "chores" done on my list of work-related stuff to do.  Chris came home and we walked the dogs the usual 3-ish mile loop as the sun set.  Nice.  Not enough exercise but better than nothing.

Lisa and I took a new listing on Saturday; we spent Monday afternoon uploading the info and pictures into 2 MLS systems, and today got a call that it was being shown.  I'm happy about that; it's a really nice listing and we'd love to help these people move on with their lives by selling it.

My arms and chest hurt from yesterday's round of doing my age in push-ups.  Methinks I need to do this a couple times a week to keep the pain to a minimum.

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