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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cheap Spa Treatment

This was our morning sky recently. I was walking Chris out to his truck about 6 a.m. and these clouds were striking. I kissed him goodbye and ran back into the house to get my camera. They're actually rain clouds, and the rain is evaporating long before it hits the ground.

Last night I rode 15 miles to a practice time trial route. Then I rode the TT, 10 miles, but I overshot the turn-around because it was marked by a water bottle, not a cone. The cyclist marking the turn looked to me like a cyclist changing a flat and until he hollered, " Turn around!" I was pounding away. What's an extra 50 yards to 10 miles in the pain cave?

Then there was the 15 miles home, alone, into the wind. 42 good training miles.

Tonight on a club ride I realized for the second night in a row that I can get a spa treatment on a bike. Ride your bike, fast, in heat, so you sweat. Be sure to ride through some dust clouds stirred up by tractors, trucks, cars, or dust devils. Ride, sweat, ride through dust. Get as many layers as you can. Then hop in the shower, add water, scrub, and voila! You are exfoliated.

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