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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Celebration and Reflection

So today I spent 4 hours in negotiations on a short sale that started in early July.  The bank negotiator showed that he's committed to the closing of the sale, which will go to auction Friday afternoon if we don't get upper-management's approval.  As of noon Thursday we were verbally OK, contingent on the settlement statement.  It's all about the bottom line, after all.

My planned morning ride got pushed back to the afternoon.  Once we all reached an accord, waiting on the title company's statement to the bank, I relaxed and got ready to ride.

Last Friday I rode in the rain and my bike was filthy.  I took it down off the wall and discovered that my rear tire was flat. One more challenge...

I took the rear wheel off the Fuji, since the Diva and the Fuji both run Shimano, but for some reason (my extreme distraction, perhaps?) I couldn't get the wheel mounted on my frame.  I decided to try to change the flat instead.  Weak-fingered and impatient, I wasn't able to get the tire off the rim, so I drove the wheel to the bike shop, and Rob had it fixed in a few minutes. The man is a genius and has talent beyond belief.

I mounted the wheel and set off, finally, 6 hrs. after my original ride time.  There were some high clouds moving in but the sun was out and it was dry and 60* or so, perfect conditions.  Finally!  I get my ride after so much mental stress and frustrations!

My knees were hurting after running 4 miles with the dogs on Wed. so I wanted to spin in low gears and get in some miles. I wanted to work off my frustrations, get in a good workout, and feel good at the end of the day.

The stats:  37.4 miles in 2:18, avg. cadence 91 rpm.  Perfect.  And home well before civil twilight.

What can't be quantified are the realizations I had during my ride.

My fifth year of serious riding, my eighth year in real estate...I remember wanting to be the steady wheel I was following, and to be the knowledgeable agent that people wanted to work with; to be bold and able to negotiate (and get my way to the benefit of my clients) without diminishing others.

I realized that I am the wheel that other riders want to draft, that I am the agent other agents want to work with, that I am the agent clients want on their side.  I realized about mile 17 that I've achieved those goals, and I'm immensely satisfied.  The grass was green, the mustard brilliant yellow, the air fresh.  It all meshed.

As one who thrives on challenges I know there are many ahead of me.  All of the challenges I've met and conquered have brought me to today.  If I never win a race, never close another sale, never re-bloom another orchid, I'm happy with where I am right now.

Take notes, it may never happen again.


  1. nice post, RR - riding reminds us of what we have and how far we have (and can) go. And I do think this kind of ride and realization will happen again for you. ;-)

  2. LOVE this post! Congratulations on some great accomplishments, well done!