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Sunday, July 17, 2011

A promise unfufilled

A couple weeks ago we met with some bikeforums.net and Twitter friends at Hellyer Velodrome, to participate in a Livestrong fundraiser. For $30 we could ride our road bikes on the track. I rode the Diva for the 200 m, the 500m, the kilo, the 2K, and finished well.  Then I rode the TT Fuji for the 3K. There were some issues with the lap counters that confused me but I managed to finish in 2nd place on the last ride.

I never thought I'd enjoy riding an oval over and over again, but the concentration suited me. I had a blast. I loved going from 110 bpm to 160 bpm, loved the focus, loved the result, and cannot wait to do it again. I got a rush from the track unlike any other.

This week I was elected to be my local Association of Realtors (TM) President Elect for 2012.  And I totally feel as though I deserve it now.  I'm fit to be the leader.

As long as I can continue competing and stretching my boundaries I can lead this group into new greatness. I can only  hope this group is ready for me.

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