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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Setting the Tone for the Year

Saturday, Sunday and Monday all began with bike rides (see the stats on the Stava app below).  The Monday ride was the least-intense but because it was my 3rd ride in a row -- something I hadn't done since early November -- I was already fatigued. Once I came home, I made a turkey, Comte' cheese & fresh lettuce sandwich and drank a tall glass of water. As I stiffly  made my way upstairs to shower, Chris announced that he was going to take a 3-mile run, since Monday was Day 1 of our 10-week training plan for the San Diego 1/2 Marathon in March.  Briefly did I consider pulling a Scarlett O'Hara, but decided WTHI -- I was already sweaty.

So I swapped my cycling knickers for running knickers, my demure-brimmed cycling cap for a proper ball cap, laced up my shoes and off we went. 3 miles, no problem, right?

Wrong. Painfully, achingly, torturously wrong. It was the most brutal and awful run I've done to date. I hated every step and regretted ever taking the challenge.  But I finished the run, glad to be done with it, pleased that I didn't quit.

Finished the afternoon a hot shower, compression tights, and some wine. Dinner was simple. I'm looking forward to what other challenges the year will present me -- as well as how I'll meet them.

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  1. I found you as part of my trek (ride?) across the Web compiling a list of women's bike blogs (http://bit.ly/WomenBikeBlogs). I stopped by to say hi & to ask what your Twitter handle is so I can include it when I feature you in the feed from @womenbikeblogs. Tweet me when you get the chance--thanks!

    @BarbChamberlain (personal account)
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