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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Happening Now

If anyone sees my mojo, please send it back. I need it.

Had a so-so weekend relative to real estate (buyers cancelled at the last minute), and a great bike weekend, and an even better family Saturday.

However, Monday's run and tonight's trainer session (Sufferfest: Hell Hath No Fury) I struggled to get my rhythm.  I'm used to the first mile running/first 5 mi. riding to being challenging, but not both one day after the next.

Now that I reflect on those performances and my mindset, I see that I'm in a wee rut.  After a year of not training but performing that makes sense -- I adapted to the "smiles per mile" attitude and it was great. I loved the fresh perspective, the people with whom I rode, the fun I had. And now that I'm trying to ramp up training to race again, I find much resistance and am not happy about that.

I have some work to do. I'd predict a long tempo ride but rain is moving in. I wonder if the right play list will keep me on the trainer Saturday morning for more than 65 min.

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