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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Return to Normal

Ha...and that's entirely dependent on your definition of normal.

For me, that means working hard and playing harder.  So my weekly mileage is up to 174.6.  Finally!  And the legs are holding up, so I'm doing something right.

Wrote 5 offers this last week, too, one of which was countered and accepted.  One was rejected outright.  The others are in limbo until Tuesday.

Yesterday Chris and some hang gliding friends painted the house of a fellow pilot who was devastatingly injured in a crash last year.  He's out of rehab but his house needed work.  One of his friends organized 2 work crews, one to do the prep work on Friday, the other to knock out the painting.  Mission accomplished.

I'm impressed with the HG community, even smaller and tigthter than  the cycling community.  That's some good karma they put out this weekend.

We had a few of them over to dinner last night; an impromptu potluck that included new people (to me), kids and a dog.  The visiting dog was overwhelmed by the excitement, but as she leads a quiet life, I understood the stress.  Our dogs and the kids had great fun together.  And the adults enjoyed the occasion as well.  The day was a win all the way around.

Today, for the first time in years, my phone didn't ring.  No clients called to see property or write an offer or want to list.  We had a recovery (for me) tandem ride and pulled some new cyclists into the headwind and shared successes via cycling.  Rewarding.

We were flying home with the tailwind, really ramping up the speed, hardly sweating despite the temps, when we had a flat.  And so it goes.

Tour de France, patio time, low-key hanging out completed the day.  What a great weekend!

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