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Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Dark and Stormy Night

The California coast averages fewer than 10 thunderstorms per year.  When we're privileged to have one it's a real novelty.  If I can I watch the sky for the light show, and cringe in advance of thunder pealing overhead.  Our first two Schipperkes, Scout and Gretchen, would run around the house and bark at the ceiling when we had thunderstorms.  Beau and Oliver don't seem to care.

Tonight's storm featured hail and high winds. We came out of Nugget (and a surprise wine tasting) and I saw lightning reflected in the wet parking lot, followed by thunder. The storm was just west of us, moving east in a hurry.  Two hours later the rain & wind persist, and faint rumbles emanate from the east.  The mountains are going to have some wild weather tonight.

Meave & Chris are watching a horror move, "From Hell," starring Johnny Depp.  I'd watch it because he's in it but I abhor horror movies.  "Motel" and "The Exorcist" almost scarred me for life. I'm upstairs with laundry washing, 7-bean soup simmering, 3-layer cornbread baking, with a glass of wine and "This American Life" on the radio and the staccato rhythm of rain on the patio cover in the background.  I have a few candles burning throughout the house.  My favorite is a Colonial Candle, Peppermint scent, that I haven't been able to find for 3 years.

Why do I have candles from 3 years ago?  Because I've learned to stock up, thanks to Nike.

In the 90's, when Nike offered discounts to group exercise instructors, I'd buy shoes from them in which to teach my Jazzercise classes.  I had 3 pair that I rotated; I taught 10 classes or more a week, and according to the wisdom of the day, one was to wear a pair and air out the other two.  I'd buy a pair every 3 months, with the oldest being 9 mos. old, and if they broke down by then I'd wear them to my personal training sessions -- in other words, they were fine for non-impact activities.  I could train clients in them, do my strength training routine in them, but not use them for teaching.  For about 10 years I was the Lompoc version of the Imelda Marcos of workout shoes.

So I'd get a pair from Nike and really, really like them.  Three months later I'd attempt to buy a second pair. Nike would tell me those shoes were no longer in production.  WTH?   Only 3 months?

Seems they'd make shoes, offer them to instructors, collect feedback, and either make more for the masses or discontinue the line.  So after 4 years I got wise -- when I found a pair that I liked a lot, I'd order another pair within a month.  Usually I'd get the 2nd pair.  Sometimes the style was already passe'.  That was frustrating.

And that's why I have candles I bought 3 years ago.  I wish I'd bought more.  I love the scent.  It's minty, fresh, light and not heavily-perfumed.  Some of those scents hurt my nose, they're so heavily-scented. It's as though they're made for people who are losing their sense of smell.

So my search continues.  And now dinner's ready.  I love a rainy night.

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