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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Where's my Zen?

Enjoying some fine patio time:  no wind, mild (t-shirt & shorts) temperature,  a glass of Berryessa Gap (local) Tempranillo in hand. I am restless; want to ride/run/work myself into endorphin heaven and must settle for some relaxation. It's not working.  I want to do that which I cannot.

So in 10 days I'm to give a speech about service at my Installation of officers luncheon.  I volunteered, was asked by my friend and President-elect, accepted, and am now...speechless.

Normally glib, gifted somewhat at extemporaneous speechifying, I find myself at a loss.  I have a nebulous idea of the impact I want to deliver, the point I want to make, and cannot come up with the language to put it all together.  I'm puzzled and frustrated.  I suspect that my procrastination is due to the pressure I've put on myself for a "perfect" speech.

I know I need to put that nonsense aside and just let the language come from my heart.  I'm willing to bet that the day of the installation I come up with just what I need for it to work.

Meanwhile, I sit here, trying to relax, and resisting all the while.

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