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Monday, May 2, 2011

Record Weekend

I tend to procrastinate, and so put off my first bicycle competition from Jan. until Saturday.  It's just as well; I needed some TT and hill repeat practice to find my lungs and legs.

At the Wente Road Race I lacked both lungs and legs.  Despite my lack, the wind screaming at 30+ mph, and a neutralization mid-2nd lap, I was very happy with my performance.  I placed 28 of 35 women who placed. My head told me to quit 85 times before we neutralized and I'm so glad I didn't listen.

Robin & Stacy arrived at the condo well before we do; texts confirmed that they'd have food for us and we'd go directly there.  So we did, and the Russian Salad by Robin was just what the doctor ordered...that, and the red wine.  We all turned in by 9-ish because we had a 3 a.m. wake up.

I had a fitful night's sleep.  My bedmate kept snoring, so I had to nudge her a couple of times to make her quit.  Then I had a very vivid dream of us waking an hour late, and Robin, Stacy, Kameo and Teri being extremely nonchalant about missing the bus.

When I finally awoke I was sleep-deprived and energy-deficient.  I got up, drank coffee, etc. by rote. The bus arrived at our start a little after 5 a.m.; the race started at 6:45.  Crap.  Can't even nap, so keyed up.

So I yakked with some of my wired busmates.  Fun.  About 7:15 I got off for a potty break, found my Leg 5 mate, and never got back on the bus.

So my Leg 5 mate scouted and found our Leg1 runner.  Slap goes the bracelet and off I go -- no warm up except for some stretching & running in place.

My leg had lots of hills, lot of music (inc. Japanese drums and a Yamaha Grand Piano, the pianist in tuxedo, on the edge of the Western World).  There were other bands but these two stood out.  I finished my leg, hugged Kameo (leg 5), got some food and water, and began running back to my start.  I stopped to take pics.

I found Teri, our last leg runner, and we cheered the marathon runners who passed us.  Kameo handed off to Teri, and then Kameo & I walked back to the music venue --- K had me take a pic of her and the front woman who was wearing a red feather boa -- then we found Robin (leg 3 runner) and we walked back to leg 2 start, got on the bus, and rode back to the Marathon Village, where we got our medals and food.

Eventually we caught up at the Marathon Village...got food, beer, pics, medals, and took the bus to the parking lot.  Went home...several went to the pool, the rest of us (me) napped.

We all cleaned up and left by 4:50 to go to the Jabberwok Inn.  John and Dawn, the innkeepers/owners, have shown us hospitality plus when we stayed with them.  I loved how they gave us the tour and shared hors'douerves and wine with us.  What fun that was.

So we went back to the condo, made dinner, played a card game I couldn't get behind, and slept. Ah, sleep!
And I'm not too sore today. So the training has paid off and I can point toward the next event...to follow.

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