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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Speed Demon

Wednesday the 25th was the 2nd  40km Putah Creek Time Trial.  Most of them are 10 miles but this year they added 4-40kms for those of us who favor the longer distance.

The first 40km featured wicked wind and unusually cool weather.  Last night was very similar; the rain had come through earlier but by 4 pm the roads were dry.  I had no excuse.

I ride these TTs w/no aero equipment; I don't have a TT bike or aerobars, so I don't see the point in wearing the aero helmet.  Old School Eddy Merckxx, that's how I roll.

So legs 1 & 3 were into the wind with a couple short crosswind segments.  Legs 2&4 were downwind with a couple crosswind segments.  No matter which way I went there was pain to be found.

The last leg I kept gaining speed, esp. the last 3kms.  I crossed the line at 26 mph.  Once I stood up, like a jockey on a racehorse, I realized how much I hurt.

I met Chris Phipps (aka PizzaMan, aka@CPBike) who is even nicer in person than he is on the Internet.  He didn't even blink when I told him my time (a new PR for me BTW), although he was many minutes faster than I. Props to him for that.

I finished in 1:14:39, vs. 1:15:29 in April.  I'm happy for that time, happy to be stronger than a month ago (proof that I'm getting faster and training is paying off), and anticipate a new PR next month.


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