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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Catching Up---Google Changes too

Less than 2 days before I'm installed as my local trade groups's VP.  Not concerned, no speech needed, just a tad preoccupied that my duties may begin a month before I had expected.  In that respect I'm a tad behind the 8 ball but can catch up.

Chris is doing fabulously well -- he runs the shorter weekday run alone (as do I), and we share the pain of the long Saturday rides.  Really, since we ran 12 mi. a couple wks. ago, it hasn't been bad. Compression tights and  leg-elevation make all the difference. We'll have a hot-tub/Jacuzzi post-run, so I expect our recovery will be just fine.

And if the weather permits we'll ride to Big Sur the next day, Chris's 58th birthday.  He's more stoked than I. Wish I had the words to express how proud I am of him...he could've dropped out of training and no one would have thought less of him for it...yet he HTFU and  embraced this goal as if he'd chosen it.  So what if he finishes with one arm in a sling and brace?  What counts is that his finishes.

And I cannot complain -- even it I had a valid complaint -- he's set the bar that high.

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