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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Retrospective

I feel obligated to do this, and I hate feeling obligated to do anything, so if this blogs reads a tad perfunctorily, that's why. You know I'm all about full disclosure. You've been warned.

Reader's Digest Version, in no particular order: Celebrated 30 years of wedded bliss with the man of my dreams. Insanely difficult to close deals and closed them anyway. Chris broke his collarbone. I got a time trial bike and set multiple PRs on local courses. Had a 1st place on a team time trial, and a 2nd in a solo TT, and shaved off minutes from previous times. Was elected and installed as my local Realtor(R) association's President Elect (and kissing goodbye the next 3 years, since I automatically ascend to President and Past President).  Trained for and ran a half-marathon. Deepened relationships with family and friends.  Experienced intangibles that will forever enrich my life. How could it get any better?

The year's been challenging, trying, repugnant, awesome, inspiring, amazing, maddening, transformative, unbelievable, fulfilling on so many levels.  I hope to stay open and available to what awaits me in 2012. Right now it looks like where I want to be.  Happy New Year!

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