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Monday, October 22, 2012

Sunday, October 21, 2012, was my 58th birthday. What does one who behaves as though she's half that age do?

She rides her age, on the tandem with her BFF/hubby, with a retired professional cyclist. The Fuji Team Pro fit him just right. We have not ridden the tandem since August, as my memory serves.

Bombing down Steiger Hill Rd. I knew Chris would be balls-out, and I started the Lamaze breathing early. Good idea; bombing down Cardiac and setting a new Strava score required me just tucking in and breathing. Holy crap, I had serious fear!  I kept squeezing imaginary brakes, Lamaze breathing, reminding myself that we've done this multiple times and it's been all good.

We rode 128 to Winters and shared a sandwich and a cup of really good soup. The sun played hide-and-seek, and wouldn't just shine. So soup helped to warm me up.  Stokers should be warm.

We had 18 miles to get my age, so off we went along Putah Creek Rd., my usual TT route.  Fun on the tandem + friend, and on we went, with a final result of 64.3 miles, beer at home, and off went our friend. We'd planned dinner around his presence, so when he bailed, we reconnoitered, and went to the Buck Horn for dinner.  We ate ourselves almost stupid and came home with leftovers.

Bottom line: Birthday ride-your-age-in-miles:http://app.strava.com/rides/25728331

Bone miles: Done

Recovery meal: Consumed.

It was a great day! 

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