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Monday, November 5, 2012

New Accomplishments

Saturday was a busy day -- our dear friend Lynnette was getting married, and our Fuji Oval race team was having the annual party. We were diligent in ensuring we could attend both, as both events were important to us.

Lynette was a beautiful bride, Rick was a stylish groom, and the ceremony was sweet and moving.  We were honored to witness it. In fact, we were reminded of when we exchanged vows, way back in August '81. That we're still holding those promises true knocks my socks off. I love my man, and I know he loves me. We keep our vows alive, and expand on them.  We're a blessed couple, and we give thanks daily.

Then we moved to the race team party. Mary cooked and defied her injury to  make multiple dishes over a period of days, and pretend it was no big deal. It was a big deal! We all brought side dishes to complement the pulled pork and Italian sausage. I'm sure I'm not the only one who gained weight at that party.

We didn't get recognition as a tandem team, which made me mad.  We're the only tandem team and we scored big-time at Rio Vista (as in the only tandem team and we hauled ass anyway), and Chris wrangled the bike and me and we still scored. That, and we manage to exceed expectations on every ride. So I was miffed that we weren't given our props.

OTOH, I won the Most Enthusiastic Member award -- and rightly so. Last year I cobbled together a TTT at the last minute, and we scored!  And it was fun, despite the frustration of finding a 3rd team member. It was a collaborative exercise, and a great effort, and I'm pleased to have been a part of it.

This year I cheer-leaded our team, repped at the Putah Creek Smack Down (and scored some PBs as well), and had fewer raced than I'd intended. Nonetheless, I tirelessly cheerlead our team, acknowledge results, invite teammates to try new things -- I'm not always successful, but I give it a go. One for all and all for one -- and help the team every chance you get.

That's why I won that award, and why Saturday was so fun for me. A team got me here, and I'm on the team to get the next person to their PB.

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