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Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Little Bit of Overwhelm

Last week, from May 1 through May 5, I spent in meetings or walking to meetings in Sacramento, as part of the California Association of REALTORS (R) midyear meeting. We celebrated Legislative Day on the 1st, with 40 members of our Association attending, and 2800 REALTORS(s) attending overall. The energy was amazing! Alex Creel hammered home what we needed to address with our elected officials, and how we should address those issues.  Governor Jerry Brown addressed us live ( Arnold always video'ed it in; boo!) for the 3rd time (once as state AG; twice as Governor), and although he didn't share anything new, he did share what he accomplished since he was elected. The results aren't pretty but they are what the electorate wanted.

We walked to the Capitol for a huge group picture, went back to the Convention Center for our Region luncheon, then went back to the Capital to meet with our Assemblypersons and Senator. The 1st Assemblyperson was definitely warm to us, and the meeting was quite fruitful. The second assemblyperson has always, until May 1st, sent a staffer or even stood us up. I give her 2 thumbs down. That's just poor form.

Our state senator has met with us on many occasions; this time she sent a staffer who indicated that she backed our causes. That's fine with me.

This politicking is disconcerting; I'm in my  2nd year fully involved, following my instincts, and not sure where I'm positioned. I know where I stand with my local association, the state association...after that, what's next?

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