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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Little Catching Up is Due

In November, on a rainy Friday, I held my Installation as Northern Solano County Association of REALTORS (R) President. Colin and Meave and Chris were there; I was so proud that my kids made the effort to attend. Evidently this is as big a deal to them as to me.

Chris and Meave's birthdays were the day before Thanksgiving, and we celebrated low-key, and busted it out on T-day at Colin's place. So many of his high school friends and their S.O.'s, and cats and dogs and new friends, and great food, stimulating conversation, etc. etc. -- what a fun day that was!  I applaud Colin and his roomies for being flexible enough to share their space with others who need it.

And there's more to come...when I make time to update and post pics. My bad for being involved in my business & my Presidency & other "stuff." Thanks for reading, and enjoy your day, even when it blows -- you're still alive, and there's always tomorrow.

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