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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Loop the Lagoon 10K Tower Challenge.

So my last 10K was 4 weeks ago, and flat. Fun, yes, and I was happy with my results.

I had intentions to run after that but turned all my workout time to ride my bike.

Today we showed up 90 min. early (when told parking is difficult we believe it). We walked around; it was chilly, clear, windless, sunny and chilly in the shade. I haven't figured out how to get pics from my iPhone to show up here, so I have some learning.

OTOH, I know links, and here is what my Garmin and Strava revealed relative to today's run.

The official stats are: 1:10:24.; 2nd in my age group; 23rd of 46 women;49th of all runners on the Tower Challenge. Having not trained aside from walking up the hill and riding my bike I'm really proud and happy with my results. Chris was first in his age group. I wonder how we'd do if we actually trained for this...

Later, after a hot shower, we went to a friend/client's home to celebrate the Fiesta of Santa Monica. I hung onto one of the Filipino guest's  coat tails to find out what the food was.  I followed her instructions to try everything and only one dish was not wonderful. Desserts were instance. And they featured a roast pig. A priest conducted a service and included candles, a crucifix, and a blessing of the house. It was baffling (we aren't familiar with Filipino Catholic customs), humbling (no communion for this sinner), and very interesting. We were humbled to be in the minority and pleased to build relationships today.

Final stats 2nd in my age group 23rd of 46 women; 49th if 84 overall.  Very pleased with my results.

FYI I run with the 55-59 age group.

Color me happy

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