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Friday, May 9, 2014

May Update

So I rode every day in April but for the 30th -- I went to Sacramento for the California Association of Realtors spring business meetings, and on that day, Legislative Day. We meet in the morning and usually the Governor comes to speak to us -- Governor Schwarzeneggar usually did a recorded speech; Atty General  Brown spoke in person, and as Governor, he's spoken in person twice.

Then we transition into National Bike Month, and I think I've repped well. I celebrated Bike to Work Day yesterday by riding to the Property Management Committee meeting (good info; total snore as to how it was presented), then to the office for some maintenance, and then the scenic route home. I planned my ride to leverage the wind, and according to Strava, it worked. In spite of my lights and backpack. I do enjoy defying the odds. Full disclosure: I love defying odds whenever I can.

Tomorrow we're running the Loop the Lagoon 10K Tower Challenge.  We've walked it, we've run it, but not with the Lagoon loop. I haven't run in 4 weeks, since the Run for Good that I ran with my injured bestie. 2nd in my age group, yay!  And yikes! I haven't run since April 12th.

And since I've been so bike-centric and nearly overwhelmed with buyers and sellers, and I love it, my runs have fallen by the wayside in favor of my bike. I suspect that will show up tomorrow.

I'm happy to start...and we'll see about finishing.

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