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Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Bit of Serendipity

This morning I wasn't wakened at 4 a.m. by a crazed robin repeating the same 6 notes obsessively. Shortly before the radio came on I exhaled into consciousness, not quite ready to be awake, not wanting to continue sleeping. The dogs immediately detected my relative alertness and started their not-so-subtle attempts to rouse me and let them out. I resisted. Chris got up instead. I floated between sleep and awake until he brought the coffee, then I really got up, almost bounding out of bed.

Sidebar: Our standard ritual is a tall coffee, a double shot of espresso, 1/2 c. foamed 1% milk. When Chris is working he assembles it. When he's not, I do. I'm spoiled and I like it that way. I enjoy spoiling him as well; he deserves it.

So I greeted the day especially refreshed and particularly inspired. I went out to see Chris off to work, watered plants, inhaled the honeysuckle, and as I was watering the begonia, noticed the gardenia in bloom. Heavenly. And lovely to gaze upon, creamy white flower against shiny green leaves.

Sidebar: I love flowering plants and steward them to the best of my ability. A flower is a plant's orgasm. Cultivating and caring for the plants so that they reach their peak is restorative for me. We love the flowers, their scent, their dramatic contribution to our little Eden out back, that they give their all and ask for so little. Connecting with the earth on any scale helps me put the b.s. of selling real estate into perspective. I love what I do.

After my morning reverie, some fruit and my physical therapy exercises it was office, ho! The rest of the day was all about real estate.

It was not quite 6 when I met my business partner, Lisa (more on this amazing woman later) at the Vacaville Museum for the 25th anniversary celebration. We visited with people we know, ate and drank; I put in a request with the DJ for some Stevie Ray Vaughn. He found it, and after the announcements & raffle drawings he played it. Chris had a hard time standing still, but refused to dance. Boo. Still, it was a perfect evening and a very enjoyable event.

Tomorrow is a bike day. Yay!

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  1. Nice pics! You're day sounds fantastic with someone bringing you coffee in bed. Lucky. The museum event sounded great as well.