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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How life has changed with a vegan in the house

Meave is off on a date, and Chris is in SLC on business.  I watched the SOTU and cleaned the kitchen, texted with Chris, did laundry.  Ho-hum, right?

Rewind to 4 a.m., when for no reason my eyes popped open. I tried to go back to sleep for the 30 min. before the alarm was set to go off.  So I had plenty of time to feed dogs, make bed, drink coffee, and get to the gym in time for TRX.

So another challenging workout on the heels of 36 bike miles of intervals and tempo = fried tonight.

I'm glad to be working on strengthening my weak areas, even though the process is painful.  It's like selling real estate; it hurts and then the reward (check) makes it all worthwhile.

Back on topic:  Chris and Meave are both gone and I'm having a rare night alone.

I was going to finish off the ahi steak Chris grilled the other night, and I went to the spice cupboard to find something to sprinkle on top.  I found Porcini Salt, Tequila & Lime, Cilantro &Chipotle spices.  Wait, what?  Who uses that stuff?

Then it occurred to me that I've been eating this for months, without knowing it.  The way Meave has cooked her dishes the spices weren't readily apparent.  I can identify smoked paprika, but these spices are much nore subtle.

I'm pleasantly surprised by how tasty vegan dishes can be.  I also don't have a problem having a vegan dish with a side of fish, chicken, etc. I'm impressed by the assortment of new spices in my cupboard, and how they make food so tasty.

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