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Friday, January 14, 2011

New Intentions

In November I was given a 30-day free pass to the local Gold's Gym.  Chris was away on remote inspections for much of December, and when he was home it was raining, so we got our tree and gift-shopped in the rain.  December was a rainy month.

We didn't put up outside lights, although a brief respite allowed us to get the door wreath up.

Our daughter, for her own reasons, didn't help with decorating or undecorating, although Christmas is her favorite holiday.

I was working right after Christmas, so Chris took down the tree 1-2 while I was writing an offer, cutting it up so it fit in the recycling bin.  That bin has never smelled so good.

We finally took advantage of Gold's 30-day free offering.  We joined 1-8 and have been 4 times.  I tried a TRX class today and really enjoyed it. I will hurt tomorrow but I expect as much.

And I have 2 deals in the pipeline, 3 new buyer leads, 3 new listing leads, so to me January is looking like a kick-butt month.

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  1. Working the other muscle groups has really helped my core strength...this is timely for you with Spring around the corner
    BTW...I think the real estate market is starting to get a little hotter, Our vacancy rates are really low for this time of year and rents are going up. Hope it will be a good year physically, mentally, spiritually and $$$$$.