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Friday, April 1, 2011

First Effort

The Putah Creek Smack Down started March 16. I didn't make it -- mostly because I was showing property, but if I wasn't a wee bit afraid I'd've had my partner fill in for me.

This week, however, I had a plan.  Sunday after our shop ride I got fitted to a time trial bike, an Argon. Then Monday I rode it about 15 miles, stopping whenever I needed to tweak the fit.  Chris brought his multi-tool and was Johnny-on-the-spot with fit tweaking.  At the end of the ride, although I felt kind of like a lawn dart, I was dialed in.

So Wednesday evening I was on my own and overcompensated by taking bike lights and pepper spray.  Yeah, I know. I got a power-nap, a 5 Hour energy drink, and an hour's head start to prepare.  Just what I needed.

The Argon didn't fit on my trunk-rack, so I ditched the rack, put the front wheel in the trunk and the rest of the bike in the back seat, and headed to Winters. In a month I'll be riding to the start and riding home, but there isn't enough daylight now.  I parked, put the bike together, registered (I was #29, like my mental age) and hit the road for a warm up. I did 9 mi. downwind and 9 mi. against the wind to the start.

I warmed up at high intensity and got to the start too far in advance -- easily 16 min. before my time.  My legs had enough time to accumulate lactate so when I started I was in pain for the first mile.  Nevertheless I hit a gear and bore down. I found myself slacking 3 times pushed back to my limit 3 times.

The Garmin told the story: 10 miles, avg. HR 159,  27:32 ride time.

Results yesterday showed 27:29, a personal best for me.  I rode this on my Orbea non-aero bike 2 yrs. ago in 27:32, in July, so to beat that time so early in the season is a big deal.  To say I'm pleased is an understatement.  I'm stoked!

Road race next week -- will I be crowing or eating crow?  Stay tuned!

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