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Sunday, April 10, 2011


So today I was shopping at Nugget, my 4th store of the day, and as the bagger filled the bags and loaded them into my cart, she said, "Let's go."  I replied, "Oh, I have this, nothing's too heavy."

Bagger: "Are you sure?  I really don't mind."

Me: "Thanks, I've got it."

Bagger: (crestfallen): "Oh, OK. I like helping you out.  You're so much fun."

Me, taken aback: "Really?  Gee, thanks!  OK, sure."

Bagger: "So what ride did you do today?"

I don't know if she rides, if she's in college, still in high school...I know little about her other than that she's efficient, cute, red-headed, and has paid attention to our shopping habits enough to know what we do. That sold it for me.

I got to thinking as I was leaving the parking lot, what I'd say if one of my clients/friends/acquaintances offered help and I refuse. Of what am I depriving them?  What opportunity am I missing by taking out my own groceries?

This young lady knew that I was capable of pushing out my cart and loading my 4 bags into the car. She wasn't looking for the work. She was looking for another opportunity to connect.  I almost deprived her of that.  I learned more about her in those few minutes than I could have imagined.

As one who has prided (maybe to a fault?) her independence I wondered while driving home what opportunities to connect, to be transparent, to share something some people never get to see but crave, I've missed in my life.  Probably more than I'd like to admit.  Today I let down the "I can do it myself" to accept help that I didn't need from someone who needed to help more than I needed to be helped. I know that young lady got something valuable from that...and so did I.

I'm going to look for more opportunities like this. They're subtle, they're unassuming, yet they have great potential to all involved...if we only open our eyes.

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  1. Do you think the Universe is whispering in your ear?...sounds like it.