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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Homeowner Hell

Sometime at the buttcrack of dawn on Friday Chris left for a week in Texas.  He's visiting family over the weekend and involved in work T-F.  

I went to Nugget to do the weekly wine tasting in the evening, then met 4 of my runningol mates for a 5-mile run.  Robin & I settled into a nice pace but I didn't get right, kept feeling like I was really working to keep the legs moving.  She has some shoulder issues, and a time constraint, so we cut the run short by about a mile. It's still the longest run I've done since '06.

This morning I tried to open the freezer door (it's a side-by-side unit) and it was stuck. I forced it open and found the ice cube holder half-empty, and a frozen blob at the bottom of the door.  Pried it off and turned fridge & freezer to the limit, then took the dogs for a walk.  When I got home there was no ice, and my cottage cheese was frozen.  Oh, I was so unhappy.

I texted Chris and consulted my home warranty.  For $60 I could've added the fridge but in my attempt to be frugal, I did not. Well, that cost me.  Dang.  

He did some research on his end, and I hit Best Buy (no delivery until Tuesday), a local appliance dealer (could deliver today but would cost $129 more), and a big box store.  BBS can deliver tomorrow between 8-10 (there goes my bike ride w/my friends) and no charge to deliver and haul away the old unit.  

Now I have 30 lbs. of ice in both the refrigerator and freezer sides, and all the magnets and stuff are cleared off the old unit.  What a PITA.

So after installing the ice I thought I'd be productive and mow the grass.  Guess whose lawnmower is waterlogged and won't work?

A glass of Chardonnay and a cigar instead. Gotta love winning.  

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